Why Invest In Fancy Colored Diamonds?

To begin your understanding of Natural Fancy Color Diamonds and to decide if investing in FCD's is right for you we need to understand where they come from.


For Every 10,000 Carats of Diamonds Mined only 1 carat will be certified as a Fancy Color. With that being said this 1 carat may not even be a color or quality of any worth. 


Diamonds are formed deep in the earths crust for millions of years and if we are lucky there will be traces of Nitrogen or Boron. Nitrogen will make the diamond Yellow and Boron will cause the diamond to be blue.


The simple understanding of supply and demand will further help comprehend these stones incredible value.


Investment grade fancy color diamonds are a long term investment most likely you will not see the results you want in a quick turn around. These investments have withstood the instability of the economy. The have continued to garner value consistently over the last decade.


While with regular white diamonds all of the 4C's: Color, Carat, Clarity, and Cut all play important roles in determining the value of a stone, in the Fancy Color Diamond world Color is King. The stronger and more beautiful/unique a stones color is is the largest contributor to the stones value.